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Great assets. However, the Rapier is not included - the model is the same as the crusader shield. Could you please update with the rapier model? Also, I assumed this was Creative Commons attribute 4.0 - is that correct?

Thanks for telling me, it should be fixed now.

The license for all my stuff is as you said, CC 4.0, but sometimes I forget to change it on cause its hidden from the main page, but now its also changed

Much appreciated - thanks! There is also an issue with something from your graveyard pack. I will send you an email about that later to see if it's just on my end...

Just wondering how do you do your textures? They look so good.


Heres an example of my workflow

are these your own models you've made? what about the textures? id like to avoid any issues if i use these in a commercial game


Fantastic! Shame you only have PayPal, I would buy it but only with credit card...

Very cool stuff but the price is too much in my currency😅