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Can I import these assets to Unity or Blender?
And if so, how?
Because I only see a PSXTemplate that I can play and it's in Unreal.


Yes, the pack its compatible with Blender, Unity and other softwares that uses .FBX format

The "PSXTemplate" is the Demo that is for free. You have to pay to access the assets pack (15 Euros)

Oh, ok.
My bad, I didn't notice that but now I saw the option to buy it.

Thanks for replying and clarifying my doubt so fast.
I will probably buy this sooner or later.


How did you make those trees the way they are?

They´re like a tileset but in 3D

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How are the trees that are bunched together made? Does he just mash the trees together?


I made all the models modular, so you can attach them like legos.

The trees are like a plane with the same texture that you can place one next to another.

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So I Can do something similar like this in blender then?