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"Its Coming"

"Every night from now. It will come to haunt you."

"Luckily for you, if you follow this instructions, It will go away"


WASD - Move
Space - Jump
LCtrl - Crouch
E -Interact
LClick - Use Item
Numbers - Switch Items

Submission for the #32bitjam


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Its Coming - Beta.zip 162 MB


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How did you make those trees look so good like that? Did you use a reference or from scratch?

Included It's Coming as part of a vid on horror themed games @ 1:27:00

Good start for a demo but it needs a bit of work. Enjoyable over all and I hope you keep working on this :)

is crouch jumping intended? im pretty sure i skipped some parts of the game by just crouch jumping, like over the little green thing to get to the axe, or up to the log that needs to be cut down. really interested to play this again if you ever update it!

The character controller does not allow you to change direction in mid-air, so your character will commit to the direction you are moving before you jumped.

Without checkpoints, this means jumping and nearly missing a platform makes you restart at the very beginning, which can be a little frustrating.

this need options video


Hello, it looks like your day night cycle doesn't work? It never stops being bright daylight out so there's never a need to go back into the cabin.


Got a notification "CrimsonCat has released a new game, IT'S COMING" felt like it was a threat. Lol