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Hi there! Have you tested the pack in Unreal? When I switched from Unity I assumed importing packages wouldn't have been an issue but Unreal is pretty picky with naming, pivots, and sometimes face continuity :/
Wouldn't mind paying extra if it imported with less effort

I'd be willing to buy this asset pack, but before I spend 15 EU on it I'd like to see it listed as Creative Commons like your previous pack here:

The CC license is very important for my use case (I want my game included in linux repos)

Sry i forgor, now it is

Great bundle, but I have a little problem importing it to blender. Textures are not set for materials, so I need to set them manually.

Try this:
File > External Data > Find missing files

Doesn't work.

I had the same problem. The solution is to add the texture manually in blender (add the texture and connect it to the material) and export with the desired format.

Doing this manyally for every object is not really comfortable. It would help a lot if the zip also includes the .blender files so we could export it to the format we need.