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Will these assets be able to be imported into Godot 4? 

The models are on .fbx format, i dont know if godot 4 has an importer for those types of files. I made a quick search and found this

Alternatively you can import the models into blender and convert them to collada (the format that godot usually uses if i remember correctly)

Perfect. Thank you so much. The assets are perfect for the game that I am looking to create. If I run into any issues, I might give it a go in Unreal Engine 5, but I have been really enjoying Godot so going to start with that first.


Dont forget to post the game here so I can see how you used the assets

Most definitely. Thank you again.

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I'd be willing to buy this asset pack, but before I spend 15 EU on it I'd like to see it listed as Creative Commons like your previous pack here:

The CC license is very important for my use case (I want my game included in linux repos)

Also I'm interested in all 3 of these asset packs (provided they come with CC license:

This one

Would be willing to sell them in a bundle?

I'm also looking for a PSX Zombie model, would you be willing to make one for me if I paid you for it?

I´ve been art blocked recently so Im up to make that zombie, just give me some refs of the style (cause psx can be more cartoony or realistic) And I can put it here like the other stuff like for 15 bucks or something

Here is some reference for what I was envisioning. If it were rigged and animated with everything for a zombie I'd gladly pay up for all the assets.

Hi! I m trying to use your pack in Unreal Engine 5 but when I imported the assets, the models came without their materials. Can you please help? :)


When you import a mesh in UE it asks you how you want to import the material. Look there

If not, did you imported the images too?

Maybe something went twrong and you´ll have to make the materials with the textures manually


Is there an email I can send you some screenshots, in case you can compare my import settings to yours? 

Just to try and cross reference what I m doing wrong (I m very new to the Engine so I m sure I m doing a mistake somewhere)


Alternatively, if you can send me a couple of screenshots (you can send them over my email of how the materials should look like (especially for those have 2x texture files (alpha and normal) set up, I'll recreate them on the rest myself :)

Thank you!

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Well, this is how I usually import the models:

1. Importing the Textures

  •  First add all the textures
  •  To achieve the pixelated style Select all  the images > Right Click > Asset Actions > Bulk Edit via Property Matrix
  •  Search for filter and set it to nearest

2. Importing the Models

  •  When Importing be sure that the Material Import Method is set to Create New Material
  •  Also, I uncheck Generate Missing Collision because I prefer to adjust the collision myself, (or maybe some models wont be reacheable so they wont need it)  but you can check it if you dont want to do it manually- It will generate the materials

3. Open the material and do the following:

  •  In the Details tab (click on the material node and will appear on the  left side) I set  Shading Model to  Unlit and If the material has Transparency (If has an Alpha Texture) I set the Blend Mode to Masked. Also check the Two Sided option
  •  Then set the material like this:

And that should do it!

Thank you So much! All worked as it should!! Appreciate everything ! :D