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43 Retro/PS1 style dungeon themed assets FULLY OPTIMIZED FOR GAMES!


Environment - Common:

- Floor/Wall/Ceiling Tile

- Wall Tile Broken

- Wall Arch

- Wall Window

- Wall Window with Bars

- Stairs

- Column Set (6 variants: Default, Base, Broken High, Broken Low, Half, Pillar)

Environment - Doors:

- Wall Door Arch

- Wall Door Rect

- Gate Metal Bars

- Gate Metal (Full & Half)

- Door Rect Metal

- Door Rect Wood


- Coffin

- Bed

- Ladder

- Table Stone

- Table Wood

- Chair Wood

- Key Chain (2 variants)

- Key (3 variants)

- Bookshelf (2 variants)

- Barrel

- Crate

- Chest (Two pieces)

- Carpet

- Chain

- Torch (2 variants)

- Spikes

- Button

- Metal Bars

More info

Dungeon Level Design Diorama PS1 PSX by crimsongcat on Sketchfab

This is an extended asset pack from the one I used in my game The Eternal Prison, check it if you want to see how much you can achieve with this pack.


Buy Now12.00€ EUR or more

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Hello! I'd like to purchase this asset but the only available method is PayPal which I'm not able to use. Is it possible for you to add payment via card as an option?

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Sorry but itchio only accepts paypal and another method that I dont have

I've found this pack super useful and I would love to see this expanded into the same meshes but a wood texture and a metal texture. I'd love to commission you for it and then you could even release as a separate pack or the same pack as an extension if you're interested.

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Glad you you liked it!
I could make another pack if you provide some references or ideas of what you´re looking for (like buildings, games,  what would you build, etc...) so I can understand and make the most pieces for it
The most similiar of a wood themed pack I have its the Old Interior Pack or the Cabin Pack

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Would you like me to e-mail or post it here?

Our game has building so we have three tiers of building types. I have been these as outer castle wall building elements. I was looking at using them as the base building structures too. However, This pack from the UE Marketplace just has so much value: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/survival-construction-pac...
I've added dithering to those and changed the color palette to attempt matching with the rest of the assets.

What would be great is a modular castle pack that matched this set and/or a survival building pack of some kind.

that's pretty cool, i would love to see a futuristic tech dungeon made by you


Fantastic collection CrimsongCat!