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A game about exploring strange and bizarre worlds.

You appear in a room of an empty bunker with no memories at all. However, you find a diary with some strange notes.

You explore and find a weird TV, you touch it and...

Suddenly, you got teleported to bizarre worlds where you meet strange characters.

Will you help them? How are you gonna escape this place? And what is this place anyways?

So many questions...

You keep exploring seeking the truth of all this madness.


WASD - Move

Mouse - Camera

Space - Jump

LShift - Run

LCtrl - Crouch

E - Interact

ESC - Pause Menu

This game is an entry to the #LSDJam2021

Release date Dec 07, 2021
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine
Tags3D, Exploration, First-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Surreal
Average sessionAbout an hour


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[OLD BUILD] LIMINAL DREAMS Demo v0.62.zip 126 MB

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I really like this game! I love the aesthetic and how unique it is compared to most "Liminal Games" Keep up the great work CrimsongCat!

If anyone finished this with 3 stars on every level, could you share how?

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Okay, so I'm surprised no one mentioned this.

I got stuck in pink world because the note says "The Father was messing with one of the chandeliers".

The item you have to interact with is a candelabra, not a chandelier. Chandeliers are the hanging light fixtures on ceilings. I thought it might be the candelabras, but after trying each one and it not working, I spent ten minutes looking for a chandelier before looking up a youtube video and realizing I must have just misclicked.

Also, in Yellow World, if you jump over the cart in the corn maze, you get softlocked.

How long does the game take to beat?

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about an hour

AMAZING GAME!! I'm almost done but I was just wondering, how do you get 3 stars in the yellow house level? I got the ghost kid and what not, but I can't get the secret item I think for 3 stars! Any help?

in the bottom right world with the knight, if you climb the second set of stairs and use the boxes to jump onto the shelfs of books, you can walk through the wall which has no collision and jump into the void, getting yourself softlocked.


Very nice game! ps: I think you forgot to remove the "test dialog" thing from the scarecrow in the beginning

A really great game! I hope the developers comes back with something like this, because he clearly has talent in making games about liminal spaces!










A question for you guys: I've looked everywhere, but I can't find the secret item in the Tower. I already found the dreamcatcher, but the secret item remains a mistery to me... I suppose it's closed in the chest under the stairs in the room where you first find the knight, and I supposed it's that same strange white cylyndrical item that I've found in other worlds. How you did you get that?

In case you're still interested in finding it, I think you can reach the secret item by jumping on top of the revolving walls. There are some boxes you can use to reach the top of the walls, and then hopping from wall to wall you find a hidden platform.


Thank you, I figured that out shortly after posting this!

If I can ask you something else: do you know if there's a bug in the game? I've managed to find all secrets, all dreamcatchers, and flipped all the switches (travelling between worlds by using the TRAVEL feature), but in the device in the secret hallway in the bunker only the yellow and orange squares are lit. Were you able to lit up all the squares?

no, not yet, sorry!

Oh, ok!

May I ask you a favour? If you manage to lit up all the sqaures, can you tell me how you did it? Thank you very much!


If you pressed all switches and you didn't get all the lights, sadly you need to reset the game... (like I did)

Apparently old save game files somehow fail to activate the switches in the first and second level.

You can reset progress by settings in the game, I tried a lot to change some values in the save file to keep my previous save file, but I ended up only with errors.

I did the game again, and right now I am confused if I got the ending or not. (I still can't open the chest in the spawn room)

Add me on discord ˞˞#3320 (copy the entire username, it has a special symbol) and I'll be glad to help as much as I know!


I absolutely loved this. There was clearly a lot of care and creativity put into this. I spent hours playing it and...almost...unlocked all of the special content. I streamed this process in my video below...

My one complaint is that the current version of the game continually tries to open SteamVR when I launch it. It's apparently a common Unreal Engine bug, and can easily be fixed by unchecking a box in the plugins menu from the editor

I was not able to fully complete the game, because apparently my save file became stuck. I found all 4 secret switches, but the game only responded to me flipping the orange and yellow ones. No matter what order I flipped them all it only responded to 2 of the 4. I even fully completed the red room and all the linked videos with the morse code. You can see what happened in my video: 


dude, same thing happened to me. i love this game sm but im a bit hung up on this one thing. Even restarted a couple times.

how the hell do you open the black door?

What black door exactly?

this game is SO MUCH MORE than I was anticipating, amazing.
But, Mr CrimsongCat,I have a question :











Trust me you don't wanna read this if you didn't play











I found the second Youtube URL in the "horror maze" special map, but it does not seem to be working anymore... is it intended or is it an error? I just wanted to inform you of this in case something's wrong! : )

Did you pass the level? The videos work fine for me.

If you didn't, you can add me on discord ˞˞#3320 and I'll be glad to help.

In the end I managed to do it myself!
Thank you for the help anyways! :)

love your game wow thank you so much :):):):):)

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love it but the dream catcher level is confusing. still can't figure out the picture frame room so if you got a clue help me out.

Loved it! Did get confused in some spots, and the parkour for the castle was tricky,but i did enjoy myself a ton!


restating my review here because honestly i'm still extraordinarily impressed:
Nothing is more impressive to me than a fellow developer who is willing to personally respond to your issue and patch their game. Crimsongcat is definitely worth following.

so far so good the only problem with the current build is that the knight level is missing it's dream catcher

I'm loving this game so far, though interacting with the journal still softlocks the game. Also, would it be possible to implement something to adjust mouse sensitivity?


Loved the 4th level. Been a huge fan of this project and very sad the next episode will be the last. I feel like this game could go on forever.

Thank you!

This game  its a bit o a chaos, im  a very noob at game dev and all the content its improvised so I think its better if it ends being a small game.

But that doesnt mean I would stop making games, I have a lot of ideas and maybe  in the future I would be able to make a  bigger dream-based game.

Anyways, thank you for your support and nice comments ^^

I do have a question though, upon opening this version theres stars on the level select screen. I got the dream catcher in the newest level and noticed it in the bedroom. What do the stars represent? I have 2 stars for the first three worlds but not the newest one, and are there more hidden items in the other worlds?

The stars works like a progress check.

The middle stars represent that you have completed the world.

The others are secret items hidden around the world


Had a good time playing this game, loved the atmosphere you were going for. nice job! 


Glad you like it even its not completed yet ^^


Love this game cant wait for the 4th world.

Thank you!

Im still working on it and polishing stuff, however I post the development on twitter if you´re curious about it ^^

how do i reset my save

If I remember correctly, go to AppData\Local\LiminalDreams and delete that folder.

I´ll put a reset button on the next update because its a pain in the ass to do all that process. 

did you put the reset button in I can't seem to find it anyways are you planning of turning the jukebox into a settings menu?

no tuve la oportunidad aun de jugar las ultimas actualizaciones, lo probé cuando apenas estaba la primera demo pero me apasionó mucho la calidad de ambientación y el diseño del personaje que sale. sin duda alguna debo de revisitar el juego 

Gracias por testearlo y grabarlo! 

La verdad es que al principio estaba muy verde (y no solo por el mundo ejeje) y poco a poco le he ido dando forma, así que si te animas a rejugarlo igual te llevas algunas sorpresas.

De todas formas me alegra que haya gustado!

i initially loved the pink concrete level so much, a lot of the larger geometry really spoke to me.
unfortunately i had to alt-f4 because there was simply too many houses with nothing in them. :'(

Yep, I messed it up and the level could not be finished.

With the last update its now fixed (and should be more intuitive)

Anyways, glad you like it and thanks for playing!

Hope you will continue develop this nice game

Question. In the 2nd level, are you intended to have to noclip or glitch the game via jumping through a roof that doesn't have collision in order to get the paper crane, or is there an actual intended solution otherwise?

Sorry for that, I messed with the design and the level could not be finished

Now its fixed

This is really cool. I was able to finish the first location but gave up on the second. Is pink world finished? I feel like I got really close but couldn't quite get there. Decided to give up and wait for the game to be finished.


Thank you for playing and uploading it on youtube!

Well, the pink world bould not be finished in older updates because I messed it up with the level desing, but now its fixed.

Anyways, glad you liked it!

gotcha. Definitely going to play again once it's all finished. 

This looks so good! Im really excited to play the full version! One question> is the pink world finished? Im not being able to finish it yet

hi, big thx for the game. good job. greetings from rosti 😘🙏

there wasnt really much to do in this game but i do love the style of it and I feel like it can be something great.


This is fantastic, I love it and the style of the worlds! (eyeballgirl is my new bff). Will keep my eye on this game as it develops :)

I really enjoyed these strange and unique worlds. Can't wait to see more of it. 


I'm excited to see more of this game as it progresses. It feels like being trapped in a PS1 demo disc, or a dead multiplayer lobby - it's not so scary yet (I'm pretty sure I got here through the horror tag...) - but it definitely has potential to be very unsettling.

Great job , i like the idea of the game, i keep searching in other worlds if there something, but after all well done, im looking forward for the rest :)

Great game, I feel that there's a lot to be developed still. But you did a great job so far!

Keep it going!

This is the video of my playing the game (It is the second game I played there), I don't remember if I added some considerations about the game at the end, but I probably did:

This was not bad at all especially for being unfinished. Made a video on it.


I dig the art style. I think you effectively combined the retro crunchy texture resolution with some more modern lighting features. I also like the surreal environment design!

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Great game! I see a lot of potential in this. I enjoyed the dialogue and the little game that I played with the NPC. I really wanna see the final product! 10/10

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The most accurate depiction of liminal spaces I have ever come across, legitimately unnerving -

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